Coda 2.0.11

One-window web development

Coda unites all your different web development tools under one beautifully designed interface. View full description


  • Integration of core features
  • Leopard GUI
  • Code completion
  • Collection of built in books


  • Can be overwhelming for first time users


Coda unites all your different web development tools under one beautifully designed interface.

From text editor to previewer, CSS editor or terminal, Coda includes all you need to write up, review and upload your web pages. The program is flexible: projects are considered as sites, which sync perfectly with your server and maintain all your changes. You can connect to any server and thanks to the Transmit Turbo Engine quickly upload changes remotely.

In terms of editing, Coda offers up advanced features like auto completion, block editing or syntax coloring. You can also drag and drop clips of text anywhere. As of CSS, Coda offers two editing modes: visual and text, the first being more user friendly and the second best for advanced users. Coda has also thoughtfully integrated a terminal window, so you can run MYSQL queries quickly or connect to a local shell.

But it's the design that really stands out in Coda. Winner of the 2007 Apple Design Award, the program has been redesigned with a sleek Leopard GUI. Full of colors and smooth animations, Coda is a real pleasure to use and very well structured. The program even features a collection of reference books if you need a spark of knowledge to help you build your site.

Coda is a beautiful, all in one web development tool you can't go without if you're building web sites.


  • "Wrap Around" setting in Find options menu is now always remembered
  • Stale cached files are no longer occasionally loaded in Preview
  • Preview-only tabs now display a thumbnail of the Preview contents
  • Unsaved changes are now more reliably updated in Live Preview
  • Improved stability when using SCM sidebar panel
  • Auto-indenting is more reliable when using spaces instead of tabs
  • Improved performance of XML highlighting (such as when opening SVG files)
  • Added variable instance variable highlighting for Smarty files
  • Source Control from File menu now properly disables when you revisit a project
  • Fixed some FTP issues with certain Windows servers
  • Complete word matches are now shown when using hints & autocomplete
  • Fixed some issues with entity encoding
  • Left and right arrows will now cancel autocomplete
  • Find Next keyboard shortcut now works after using another keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed a possible hang in the CFML mode
  • Fixed an issue with the validator reporting an error if a lot of text was deleted
  • Added a workaround for a possible WebKit crash
  • Fullscreen and new tab buttons no longer overlap after coming back from full-screen
  • Custom preview tabs will no longer be replaced with new documents when opening
  • Fixed syntax highlighting issues with SASS blocks, Python function args, more.
  • Find in Files now uses 'Open Files' as a default scope
  • Dragging images into SCSS files now appropriately adds it as an url()
  • Git password now more reliably saved when you hit, uh, Save
  • Text processing no longer causes issues with folded code
  • Javascript resources now loading in Code Navigator when missing type attribute
  • SSL certificate warnings are now handled more reliably
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes and exceptions

Coda is an all in one tool for web developers. Looking to simplify your web workflow, Coda incorporates a text editor, a previewer, a CSS editor, a terminal and some solid references. The program is quick and flexible and should harmonize the way you work. It offers the following features:

  • Sites: double click, start work
  • One-click publishing
  • The power of Transmit. The space of a sidebar
  • Faster than ever
  • Elegant and powerful text editing
  • Preview for reals
  • Visualize your layout
  • Javascript console, too
  • Create beautiful CSS
  • Built in reference



Coda 2.0.11